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The Elemental Art of Photography

 Filmed by Emmy Award Winning Video Journalist Adam Worth

Narrated by Mary Serphos








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Boulder, CO #5


Review of Mary Serphos' Creative Image Photography

Gallery Exhibit 

at Marin Business Sanctuary in Fairfax, CA 

by Sarah Spector,  5/15


Mary Serphos has crafted photos printed on fine paper, acrylic, canvas or wood panels. In each image, there is a sense of place, a dreamlike, multilayered and mysterious place. They seem to arise out of and fade back into the distant land from where they came. There are beach scenes, ocean and sky delineating the placid order of the universe. They are spare and drenched in light with washed over layers. These landscapes began as representation but are now transfigured by effects Serphos has digitally created.


Her work is Inviting, beckoning, erotic, mysterious, and many of her images are touched by an antique light - crystalline, clear, yet distant, as papery and halcyon - yet indecipherable and seductive as 19th century tintypes.  To this viewer, her flowers are most evocative:  "Indigo Fern" for example, appears out of a dark background with textures of a velvety deep forest. There is intrigue in these images. They are magnetic, shy, spare and they beg a question:  What lies beneath each successive layer of texture? Of what is each image constructed? Blossoms that may be on the edge of fading but yet preserved and elegant, languid...the essence of the feminine, laden with spirit, evoking layers of a dream.

©2015 Sarah Spector

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