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About The Artist


As a creative image photographer, I find what is in front of me and then meld all the aspects of the image, from the subject matter to the negative space into one cohesive piece of art. By weaving real and surreal, using imagination and dream, my work is the doorway to an escape, sometimes to a faraway place, often tinged with nostagia from a time and place long ago when life was perceived to be more simple. 

My work focuses on the vastness and breadth of day-to-day life, incorporating everything from the mundane to the complex, whether close in to my home of Marin County in Northern California to afar locations such as Cuba, Morocco and "the other coast."

Using elements from the natural world to the rawness of street photography, my goal is spark emotion and contemplation and allow the viewer to get a glimpse into what is often too private, or seemingly off limits to the ordinary eye. As I put the camera down and work to edit what I have captured, it’s an intriguing process to add deeper dimensions and layers to create the the final image.

Mary started taking photos as a child, inspired by her father's devout love of photography. In 1998, on a trip to Thailand, she used her first digital SLR camera and was hooked. Making the move to digital from film proved to be a long slow process but now it's pure passion where Mary fuses photo imagery design with digtal art. Please check out Mary's Instagram gallery for a comprehensive look at over 7,000 of her artful images.

Mary has been exhibiting her work in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1998 and has prints at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, CA. Mary grew up in New York and moved to San Francisco from NY in 1996 where she lived for 11 years and has made her home in Fairfax, Marin, CA for the past 16 years. Her most recent venture is traveling in her Sprinter van throughout the West...stay tuned for more images from the road!

All of Mary's photos are for sale. Please contact her through the contact page for more info, prices and inquiries.

"The difference between the casual impression and the intensified image is about as great as that separating the average business letter from a poem. If you choose your subject selectively -intuitively- the camera can write poetry." -Harry Callahan 



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